Embracing Failure as a Digital Project Manager/Human Being

It’s difficult to accept failure. I think that’s part of human nature — to be proud, defend ourselves, survive, and dislike failing. But sometimes we fail as human beings, and as project managers. And sometimes, spectacularly, we fail at those two things at the same time. I’ve been a total failure over the past few … Continue Reading

Longreads: Best of July 2016

Well, it’s no secret I stopped doing my weekly longreads recommendations in June. Life, work and a million other stresses got in the way of me devoting proper time to this little blog, so I dropped off the deep end for awhile. I still love sharing all the great longform content I read, so I am … Continue Reading

When What You Love to Do Gets Shitty: Fighting Creative Burnout

Hustlin’ be hard, bitches. Whatever your hustle may be — design, coding, strategy, project management, writing, something unmarketing related — you started doing it because you loved it. You continued because you loved it. You can’t imagine yourself doing anything else with your life, but yet, you hit a point where you just want to quit. … Continue Reading

What Your Worst Project Ever Can Teach You About Good Digital Project Management

Everyone has had a “worst project ever”. Mine has been recent and is still ongoing. I don’t mean it’s the worst because the work is bad or the client is bad, quite the opposite with this one. Our team has created amazing work and everyone really cares about this project. The client is fantastic and … Continue Reading

Longreads of the Week #25

This week’s stories are, well, a bit depressing. But all cover issues that are important to me in the way that they should be important to all humans. Yay, I’m a human. Here are my favourite picks of longform journalism from the past week…   1. Living in a Poor Neighbourhood Changes Everything About your Life … Continue Reading

Longreads of the Week #24

Hey, you know what’s funny? I don’t really have anything to say as an intro this week. It’s Sunday night, just minutes before Monday, and my brain wants to go to bed. So, here are this week’s longform content recs! 1. A Short Order Murder The diner manager told the cook not to prepare the poached … Continue Reading

How to Get a Derailed Digital Project Back on Track

This post is for all my DPM peeps out there. That stands for “digital project management” in case you manage projects from under a rock. So, while I no longer work full-time in digital project management (I only dabble, as now I am a strategist/writer full-time), I’m still passionate about client relationship management and making … Continue Reading

Longreads of the Week #23

Okay, this week has been hella cray so the last three posts here are all longreads picks. I do have a super thrilling post on digital project management coming up for my DPM peeps, along with other rants and raves in the works. You’d think for someone who writes a lot of stuff for a … Continue Reading