I made $3,130.99 with my blog in August 2017.

Pretty crazy, right?

I’ve only been taking this blog seriously for about six months.

I remember reading income reports from other bloggers a long time ago and thinking it was insane. How could they make a full-time living by running a blog?!

Make Money Blogging: August 2017 Income Report

I thought I had blogged before. I’ve had websites in one form or another since I was in the eighth grade. I just liked building them, but eventually I got bored of them and abandoned them. I estimate I’ve created over 20 blogs in the past 15 years…

So why hadn’t any of them made money?

For starters, I wasn’t trying to make money. I blogged because I loved writing and meeting other people. I’ve made some pretty cool friendships online with people I would have never met otherwise.

Fast forward to 2017, it seems like everyone and their cat has a blog. (And yes, some cats do blog.)

It’s never been easier or harder to make an income online.

I say that because it’s easy in the way that starting a blog is easier now. You can setup hosting, get a beautiful theme, and start writing in like half an hour. (I even wrote a step by step tutorial to start your own blog right here!)

It’s also harder because there are SO many more people blogging now.

If you’re trying to stand out online, you have to compete with BILLIONS of other people. Legit, billions. There are over 1.2 billion websites online right meow.

make money blogging

At first, I wasn’t trying to stand out very much.

I started this blog in February 2016 as a fun side project to complement my day job as a Digital Marketing Strategist at an ad agency. I love marketing so I wanted to write about it and learn new content marketing tips with this blog that I could use for my clients.

By the end of 2016, I started to take the blog more seriously, though my posts were sporadic and not really cohesive.

In January 2017, I decided I wanted to turn this blog into a profitable business. I did a bunch of research and long story short, realized that research is nothing without action. #preach

Starting in February, I took action. I started my Weekly Nerdletter newsletter, got serious about building my list, and honed in on what categories I really wanted to tackle (content strategy and marketing tips for bloggers!).

My traffic has risen every month (in large part to BoardBooster and Tailwind – my Pinterest must-haves!). I’ve met awesome bloggers. And crazily enough, this blog started making me money.

Like, srrrrrrrrrs money.

Not really in the way you think. I don’t make any income from affiliates right now, or ads. I don’t do sponsored posts. This actual website doesn’t make any money.

But, it allows me to make money.

I’ve used it as a writing portfolio piece when I couldn’t show ghostwritten client samples to freelance writing clients. It’s landed me every single client I have (that’s FIVE, yo).

Next month I’m already on track to make even more than this month, and I knew that halfway through August!

I am so excited and thankful that I get to earn so much doing what I love. I am REALLY in love with writing and blogging, you guys (if you couldn’t tell). And I’m finding more and more that I love sharing what I know and (hopefully) helping you with your blog and business, too.

OKAY enough about my life/blog story here.

Why Post an Income Report?

All this preamble was to explain how I got to where I am now. You can do it too!

If your goal is to make money on your actual blog through affiliates and all, stay tuned, because I plan to ramp that shiz up over the next few months, too. Not to be sleazy and just make money. I don’t believe in that. I only share things I use and love in my business.

I’m the kind of person who pays voluntary parking tickets, for Fs sake.

I’m also not a bragger, and I don’t post these reports (this is the first one!) to boast. I am posting this because for so long, I felt like making money with my blog was impossible, or only something people with 100k Instagram followers could do.

Or, let’s be honest, really pretty makeup bloggers.

When it started working for me and I realized I could use my OWN skills (writing, yo… definitely not makeup) to make money with it, everything clicked.

I want the same thing to happen to you. I want to show that bloggers of all types can and do earn full-time incomes, not just fashion or lifestyle or people who sell courses.

If a slightly overweight, acne-scarred freelance writer who never blogs when wearing real clothes or makeup, and also can’t do a nicely styled topknot to save her life, can make money online… YEAH you can too.

blog income report

So anyway, let’s dive into August’s numbers in detail!


  • Freelance writing clients: $3,125.99 aka the whole amount
  • Awin: $5 (lol)

Total Gross Income: $3,130.99


Total Expenses: $137.87

Net Income: $2,993.12

Traffic Stats

I’m just gonna put a screenshot from Google Analytics here with the basic stats. See, I told ya I had a small blog!

August 2017 Income Report and Traffic

I am just starting to see some upward momentum in my numbers, which is to be expected as I only have around 30 blog posts right now.

It’s not about the amount of traffic you get, it’s about the quality of traffic! Blogging Bible verse 1:1 mmkay.

If you want to take a deep dive into Google Analytics and how to use it as a blogger, I’ve got a post for that right over here.

Goals for September

In September, I really want to keep my traffic growing with Pinterest. Joining Tailwind Tribes has been huge for me!

Income-wise, I’m on track for $3,500 already with my freelance writing, so I know I’ll be really busy with that, but I’d like to publish 3 new posts here at Nerdy Organized, too. #EEK

I also want to switch over to annual billing for a few subscriptions, like ConvertKit and Leadpages, because it’s cheaper.

Alsoooo if you’ve been wanting to try out ConvertKit for your email marketing, I have a super special link right to nab you a not-publicly-available 14 day free trial! Just click here to grab your free trial. But hurry, the offer expires September 8th!

What About You?

Do you have a blog? What are some of your goals for September? How are you taking action to achieve them? Do you even like reading income reports? lol. Holla at me! πŸ˜‰

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