The Best Spotify Playlists for Productive Writing Days


In my work and my personal life, I do a lot of writing. For clients, for this blog, for everything from birthday cards to detailed product reviews on (that shit gets serious, mmkay). Sometimes it can be hard to focus which I’m sure you already know… Phones ringin’, people talkin’, life goin’ on all around you. I have never been someone who enjoyed working with music. I prefer bone-crushing silence. But, finding some great playlists has changed my mind and actually made me more productive I think. Now I see why so many people like working with music (guess I’m late to the Captain Obvious party).

When it comes to music, I love Spotify. I love that it syncs between my iPod, iPhone, car, laptop, work computer… all my playlists and favourite songs, everywhere I go. So I use it almost exclusively now. Here are a few of my favourite zone-out-and-write playlists!


Indie All Stars

Perfect for focusing, this laid back but upbeat mix is great for long days or tough projects. Right now this is my go-to playlist. Current faves are “Genghis Khan” by Miike Snow and “Woman Woman” by AWOLNATION.


Amped Up

High energy for low energy days. Love this mix. Current fave song is “Knock Knock” by Band of Horses.


Throwback Jams

Sometimes you just gotta time warp back to the 90s for some nostalgic inspiration. Twerk it while you werk it.


Driving Rock Anthems

Feel like you’re roadtrippin’ right from the comfort of your… desk. Yeah. I grew up on 70s rock so these popular tracks make me feel right at home in my mind.


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