When you’re first starting out with your blog, paying a designer to create a logo is probably out of reach.

There are already expenses like your hosting plan, a domain, a sweet-ass blog theme, and maybe some things like Tailwind to grow your social media accounts.

But, having a professional-looking logo makes your blog look like a BUSINESS.

That’s really important if you’re trying to make money blogging or turn your blog into your job. #goals

I’m still in the “lean startup” stage over here, so I haven’t spent a lot on design for this blog (#spoileralert I know ๐Ÿ™„).

In this post, I’m gonna walk you through creating a pro looking logo online, with no tools other than just your web browser, with LogoJoy!

Create a Blog Logo on LogoJoy

Mmkay, so for this post, I’m going to create a logo right alongside you… I’m gonna make a logo for my first Really Big Thing: a course called Blog SEO Bootcamp.


I’m working on it now, so it won’t be out for a few more months, but I’m super excited about it, and about teaching more of my SEO skillz, yo.

Anyway. Let’s make some logo magic.

AND, using this link, you can save $20 off the Premium logo package!

Step 1: Go to LogoJoy

Head over to LogoJoy . You’ll see this message. Type in your blog name and hit the blue button.

Create a Logo on LogoJoy

Step 2: Pick Logos You Like

LogoJoy asks you to pick at least 5 logos you like so it can get a sense of your style.

Just scroll down and click on the ones you like, even if they’re not exactly what you want your logo to look like. It’s just to get an idea of your overall likes/dislikes.

Create a Logo on LogoJoy

Step 3: Pick Some Colours

Choose as many colours as you like for your new logo!

If you hover over each colour, LogoJoy will tell you a bit about what each colour means when it comes to branding and design.

Certain colours are associated with certain moods or feelings. For example, blue inspires trust, loyalty and stability. Think IBM or Microsoft, right? There’s a reason people pick blue…

Create a Logo on LogoJoy

Click “Continue” when you’re done.

Step 4: Name & Tagline

Add a slogan to go with your biz name if you like.

You don’t have to, but if you want something included in your logo, now’s the time to add it.

For example, instead of just “Blog SEO Bootcamp” for my logo, I could add a tagline of, “SEO 101 for bloggers, all in one place.”

Or something better than that, whatev.

I’m going to leave the slogan blank in mine because “Blog SEO Bootcamp” is long enough already, amirite.

Create a Logo on LogoJoy

Step 5: Pick Some Icons

This part is optional, too.

If you are wanting a text-based logo, also known as a “wordmark,” then there’s no need to pick potential icons here.

If you are wanting an icon with your logo, add up to 5 of them that you like here.

Just type in something that fits in with your brand and click on any icons you like. You can search for anything.

Create a Logo on LogoJoy

Step 6: Get Your Logo!

LogoJoy meshes up all your likes and info and spits out a bunch o’ logos for you to pick from. This is the fun part!

You can keep scrolling to the right to see infinite options!

Once you find one you like, just click it. I like this one for my new course…

Create a Logo on LogoJoy

Step 7: Customize Your Blog Logo

Once you pick a logo, you can change up the font, capitalization, colours and a bunch more options.

Create a Logo on LogoJoy

For my logo, here’s what I tweaked:

  • Reduced font size
  • Changed the font
  • Changed the logo colour to my signature red
  • Moved the icon to the left
  • Reduced size of icon

And, ta-da!

Create a Logo on LogoJoy

By clicking on “Preview” at the top, you can also see your new logo in a variety of situations, like on a shirt or a big mall sign. For some reason, I really like this big mall sign. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Create a Logo on LogoJoy

Step 8: Download Your New Logo

When you’re satisfied with your logo, click the blue “Buy” button at the top right of the screen.

Create a Logo on LogoJoy

Yes, LogoJoy costs money. But, the great part is you get all the possible file formats you will ever need, like the high-resolution vector version.

This means you can use it to print on almost anything in the future — merchandise, giant posters, signage, etc. You may not need those things now, but as your brand grows, you never know what can happen…

Giant billboard off the freeway?

Your own retail store?

Being included in a conference or workshop, and they want a hi-res vector logo for their signage?

Two out of three of those things are pretty possible. I’ll let you decide which ones.

For as little as $20, you can get your brand new logo.

I do recommend the Premium package though, because you get all those formats you’ll ever need, and you’re also able to tweak your logo and re-download it anytime.

This is especially helpful for indecisive weirdos like me.

So, treat yo self. (Flashbacks to Tom and Donna’s Treat Yo Self days in Parks & Rec!)

AND, use this link to get $20 off the Premium package! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

Create a Logo on LogoJoy

I bought the Premium package for my new course logo.

Mostly because I wanted the black and white versions, transparent background (uh necessary!), and the ability to make changes in the future is sweet, too.

But honestly, if your blog background is white, you can get away with the $20 logo for sure.

Just remember that it does limit you in the future if you want to put it on a coloured background, or print in on items.

Once your purchase goes through, click to download your logo. Of course, make sure to save it somewhere safe on your computer. Duh.

Create a Logo on LogoJoy

You can also create a link to view your Brand Guidelines that you can share with anyone.

This is really helpful if your logo gets used by others, like if you’re a magazine or shop. For example, here’s mine:ย http://logojoy.com/b/blogseobootcamp

And, this is what you get with your Premium logo:

Create a Logo on LogoJoy

The coolest part is the Social Media Assets folder.

It saves out a profile photo of your logo, perfectly sized for every platform’s profile image!

Create a Logo on LogoJoy

Here’s my finished logo for Blog SEO Bootcamp:

Blog SEO Bootcamp


Overall, LogoJoy was really easy to use to create a pro-looking logo without much effort. (Uh, winning right?)

Clearly it isn’t right for everyone. If you’re a designer, you’re probably rolling your eyes at this. If you even read this far into the post.

But I’m a big fan of tools to help beginners get started. Or, cheap people like me. #sorrynotsorry

If creating a logo is the thing that’s stopping you from starting your blog or business, no more excuses! Get to it.

Use this referral link to save $20 off the Premium logo package!

* NOTE: I received a free Premium logo from LogoJoy in exchange for writing this post. However, everything I wrote in here reflects my true opinions. I’d never lie to you, boo. Plus, I’m a big fan of online tools to make blog life easier. Try it out for yourself!ย ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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