December was a crazy month for me! Between my 9-5 job and all the family responsibilities and parties the Christmas season brings, it sure went by fast.

I was on track to make over $3k in December, but I ended up turning down a few projects in order to focus on my own health and family during the holidays, which I don’t regret at all.

Read on to discover how I made over $2,600 with my blog and business in December (while still enjoying a week off for Christmas)!

December 2017 Blog Income Report

Why I Write Income Reports

I don’t write blog income reports to brag, or make it seem like blogging is an easy path to endless riches. 💰 (Spoiler alert: it’s fackin’ not, okay.)

To be honest, every month I post one, I feel a little squicky about it. Should I be putting my blog income report out there? Will people judge me, either too positively, or negatively? Will it affect my relationships with other bloggers or, gah, clients?!

But, I push through, at least for now.

When I first set out to turn my blog from a $0 hobby into a profitable venture, I remember seeing income reports from well-known bloggers. Those were the turning point for me. Before seeing those, I never thought my blog could make any money at all.

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I thought that was only for famous people with huge audiences, and people who blogged full-time.

Now, I realize that’s far from the truth! Anyone can make money blogging if you treat it like a real job, and that means putting in the time and effort to grow. These reports are a glimpse into how I do that for my own blog, and I hope you can find a new tip or tool in this report to help your blogging journey. 💁🏼

Blog Income Report

  • Freelance writing clients: $2,444.89
  • Etsy shop sales: $212.39

Total Gross Income: $2,658.27

I do make most of my money from freelance writing for clients, and only a little from my own products and affiliate income.

December was a little lacklustre blog-wise, as I didn’t earn any affiliate income or make any sales of my new SEO course. Bummer. But, I also didn’t spend ANY time promoting those things or writing any content about them. So, what do ya expect, right?

0 effort = 0 rewards. Plain and simple.

However, I did pull in over $200 from Etsy without doing anything there either. LOL.

Point blank, I focused on client work and my own mental health in December – not so much on this blog. Sorry, pals. Don’t worry, I have big plans for 2018.


This month’s expenses were super low compared to last month. 😉

  • ConvertKit: $0 (I pay annually now, but roughly $29/month.)
  • BoardBooster: $19.75
  • Tailwind: $0 (still using free version)
  • Leadpages: $0 (Also annual! Works out to about $25/month.)
  • G Suite: $10
  • SmarterQueue: $19.99
  • Bank Fees (PayPal + currency conversion): $76.74
  • BackBlaze: $5
  • Etsy expenses: $171.27 (including cost of making my items and listing fees, etc)
  • Teachable: $39

Total Expenses: $341.75

Net Income: $2,316.52

Please keep in mind that the “net” amount I write above does not include deductions like income tax (which is about 30-40%!) or other things that a “typical job” would pay for, like health insurance, mandatory pension deductions, or Employment Insurance (EI) <– that’s what we call it in Canada. 🇨🇦

Net income is NOT the same as PROFIT!

I am pretty happy with December overall, especially since I spent so much time with family over the holidays and relaxing, too! It definitely was a more balanced month for me than ones previous.

However, it showed me I need to look at my Etsy game… For some substantial effort, I only cleared about $40 profit. Is that good/normal? Ehhh. I’ll be thinking about that more in the next little while.

Here’s an idea of how my income has changed over time! I started blogging in February 2016, for reference, and started freelancing in March 2017 (there was a delay until I could bill clients/receive payment for the work, which is why the chart starts in May).

Blog Income Report


Traffic Stats

I was NOT very active on my blog in December, or promoting it, and it shows! My numbers dropped from an all-time low in November, so from now on, it’s time to get back in the saddle. 🙂

December 2017 Income Report Traffic

All Good Things Must Come to An End…

So. This will be my last income report on the blog for right now.

I’ve enjoyed posting them, and it helps me actually analyze what’s going right (and wrong) in my business each month. It’s important to take that time to reflect in your business instead of just moving on to the next month!

But, things are changing for me in 2018 in a lot of big ways.

And, my income is gonna take a backseat to that. I’ve scaled down my freelancing a little bit to focus on the work I really love to do (and the niche I love to write in, which is business and marketing!).

Writing these monthly reports on this blog no longer fits into my overall vision for 2018. I want to focus less on the money and more on the soul-fulfilling part of blogging and freelancing. I want to share how freelancing has helped me grow, both personally, and as a business person.

And, that’s even translated to new skills I’ve used at my 9-5 job, too.

It’s not just about making money. It’s about making a change in your life for the better.

THAT’S what being “nerdy organized” means in 2018… You down, fam? ❤️

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