I get it. You are passionate about a few, or a lot of, topics and you don’t know which one to focus on for your blog.

It can be hard to narrow down to just a few topics if you’re used to writing about #AllTheThings.

How to Decide What to Write a Blog About

Or, if you haven’t started your blog yet, how on earth are you supposed to pick just a few topics?

My free blog strategy course can turn you into a quality content posting machine, buuuuuut you do need to know what you wanna write about first, right?

Have no fear. Today I’m gonna walk you through how to pick a profitable blog topic that you love writing about.

I wish I did that like five years ago. 🙄

Start a Blog: What to Write About?


How to Pick a Profitable Blog Topic

Unless you’re a one dimensional cartoon character, you probably have at least a few hobbies and interests. And if you’re like 99% of beginner bloggers out there, you want to write about them ALL.

You’ve read how important it is to choose a niche to monetize your blog, or gain real traction from blogging.

But HOW do you pick one?! GAHHHH.

It can feel impossible but I’m here to tell you it’s not. I used to be just like you!

Long story short, a great way to find your ideal topic is to just start a blog, and start writing. Just DO IT ALREADY. When I started my blog, I wrote about marketing from an agency perspective (since that’s my background) but quickly discovered I liked writing with an entrepreneurial mindset instead.

Meaning, instead of helping the big companies succeed, I want to help YOU succeed.

I didn’t come to that realization overnight. It wasn’t until I published about 20 posts that I realized, “Hey, I have a lot more ideas for online entrepreneur-focused posts than I do ideas aimed at big companies or agencies. I should write about that!”

It took me almost six months to figure that out. Doh.

But it’s not wasted time. It’s time spent inventing, creating, figuring things out. If you’re new to starting a blog, it’s also time spent figuring out all the techy stuff like plugins, WordPress hosting (psst! That’s a link to Siteground, I use them and they’re fab, and you can get 60% off right meow!), and all the wonderful things that can go wrong with those.

And if you want to be a pro blogger, you gotta get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, unsettled and always staying in invention mode.

In other words, your work is never done. Muahaha.

How to Decide What to Write a Blog About


How I Found My Blogging Groove

Believe it or not, I didn’t wake up one morning and say to myself, “I’m going to start a profitable blog, and I know exactly how to do that!” And then she did. The end.

Nuh-uh, online biz don’t work that way, fool.

I’ve started over five different blogs over a period of 14 years. YEAH 14 years. Dear god.

Okay, but let’s be honest, my first blog was in junior high where I wrote about my oh-so-interesting junior high life. Boring. But, I did make some pretty cool friends from it who I am still in touch with today, almost 15 years later. So that’s pretty damn cool.

After that, I began learning basic HTML and making my own websites. I bought a .net domain to be cool. That was all it took in 2003.

All in all, I’ve started probably 10-20 different blogs and websites, and actively really TRIED with 4 of them. The fifth one being this blog right hurr that I am sticking with the day I die, yo. #BlogLyfe

But I made a cardinal error… a blogging sin, if you will.

I wrote about SO MANY THINGS.

It was mind-boggling. How was anyone supposed to land on my site and want to follow me when they were never sure what I was going to post, or if they’d be interested in it?

For example, here’s what I posted about all on one blog (it even had an emo sounding name which made it 5000x worse):

  • Fashion
  • Makeup reviews
  • Hair trends
  • Long-form science journal content roundups (wat. yes.)
  • Photos from my day (oh god)
  • Recipes
  • Healthy/clean eating
  • Weight lifting workouts/fitness
  • Self-confidence/body positivity
  • Tech tutorials for blogging
  • The occasional random post about my fave local dog rescue and/or a vacation I took
  • My cat

As you can see, nobody except me would ever follow that blog because that weird combination of interests exists in… only me!

How to Decide What to Write a Blog About

That’s the secret. Don’t write for YOU. Write for THEM.

“Them” being your ideal customers or audience, not like the alien conspiracy theory “them”.

Oh what’s that? Not sure who your ideal audience is? Then I urge you to sign up for my free 7 day course on content strategy and figurin’ out who the hell you’re writing for –> click here to enrol!


How to Pick a Topic For Your Blog

You don’t have to stick to just ONE tiny topic for what to write a blog about. You can write about some related things too. The key is to make sure all the things you write about are RELATED.

Here’s an example.

Say your main topic is home decor trends. Okay, so you post seasonal things like spring decor, patio season furniture, autumn/Thanksgiving-y decor etc. But there’s some sub-topics you can talk about too.

Things like: DIY decor/crafts, entertaining/recipes, cleaning and organization, renovations and ways to make your home kid and/or pet friendly.

Your main topic shouldn’t be so limiting that there’s nothing else underneath it that you could write a blog post about.

For the example above, don’t pick “renovations” for example… unless you super love renovations and could write posts about them twice a month for five years. If you could, then go for it!

But when deciding what to write a blog about, you have to think LONG-TERM.

“Could I write about this topic for a year? Two years? Five years?”

That’s the main question you need to ask yourself. If you even hesitate a bit, that is not the blog topic for you, my friend!

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