I’m super lucky. Like, a bit more than averagely lucky, I think. While I haven’t always thought I was lucky, I definitely know it now. Early struggles have given way to an authentically awesome life, and I am grateful for that every day.

I feel like a really un-Disney version of Cinderella. Things were shit, and I had bad fashion sense, and then one day I wasn’t saved by some dumb prince, but I actually just worked really hard and endured a lot of shit jobs and shit people and just generally focused my attention on getting shit done, and now here I am. And I dress better now. See, it’s totally Cinderella.

Today marks one year since I started working at Studiothink. It feels both very short because so much has happened in just one year. It also feels very long as it’s like I’ve been there forever sometimes, because it’s so ME.

I was originally hired as a Project Coordinator. I hadn’t been one before, but had agency experience and knew how digital stuff was produced. I also had sales and client relationship building experience, which to me is the #1 skill of being in digital project management (more on that topic another time). So they hired me. I was thrilled. I first heard about Studiothink a few years before, when I was still living “over the bridge” (Vancouver slang, y’all) and was working at another agency in a content role. At first I had loved that previous agency job, but over time that faded. I found Studiothink’s website in a Google search and read it a bit. They sounded cool, I thought. Fun, creative people and an agency owned by women? What was this madness?! (The patriarchal structure of my workplace at the time was pretty suffocating, hence my excitement.) When I read the bit about the wine bar, I was sold. I told myself that I was going to work there someday.

My boyfriend at the time (now husband) and I had already decided we were going to buy a place on “that” side of the bridge (Vancouver slang for Surrey, BC). Studiothink was nearby and though I was still in that other job, working at Studiothink popped into my mind every so often. I ended up taking another job sometime later, because it was close to home and sounded like a good opportunity. It was a terrible mistake that I hate thinking about. Just, ugh. But the good part of finding out that I made a terrible decision was that I was more focused than ever on finding a new job — one I really loved this time.

A long time ago I had signed up for Studiothink’s career postings via email. One January day in 2015, my luck changed and there was a posting for a Project Coordinator. I read the description eagerly. Project management had always seemed very aloof and difficult to me for some reason. Something that required lots of training and education and was done by people who were smarter than me. As I read the job description in full, I realized it was more about dealing with all types of people and just getting shit done and using your brain a lot while doing that. That sounded like me.


So long story short, I applied. I interviewed. I nearly choked on a Cadbury Mini Egg during that interview which was probably the worst job interview performance I’ve ever done. I was so nervous. But I guess they saw something decent in me and I got the job. I was so happy.

Weeks and months went by and I loved every second. In the back of my mind was a little voice that wondered if this job would get boring after awhile and if my excitement would fade, like all the other jobs I’ve had. I tried to ignore the voice.

More months passed and I wasn’t bored yet. A miracle in my books. I was constantly challenged, learning and driven to be better. More important is the atmosphere and my amazing colleagues. Every single person I work with is a rockstar. Many companies speak of their “team approach” which is usually bullshit. The thing I most love about Studiothink is our candor, and real teamwork. Not just kinda working together but real collaboration, with people who are talented, passionate and committed. And knowing from our management every day that we are all appreciated. Who could ask for anything more?

I started in project management but I’ve now moved into strategy and copywriting, which I also love to do. It just keeps getting better and I can’t wait to see what future years bring. Knowing I never want to write another resume again is such an amazing feeling.

So my journey to the perfect career may have taken me longer than I thought it would but I’m happy I got there. Many never do. Don’t stop chasing your dream, even if you never get there. Chasing it is fun, but that feeling you have every day knowing you’re living your dream when you do get there… That’s the best feeling there is.

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