If you want to make money blogging, it’s really important to choose a niche for your blog. When I say choose a niche, I mean choose a very specific topic (or small group of related topics) to write about, and stick to writing about just those things. You’ve probably heard this mentioned a few places before, but it really is so important. FO REALZ.

Make Money Blogging: How and Why to Choose a Niche

The main reason you want to pick a niche for your blog is to attract the right audience, and to make them stick around for the long haul (i.e. hopefully convert them into subscribers and customers later on, if you plan to sell products).

The “right audience” means the specific target market you want to attract.

Who do you help with your blog? For me, I help new to intermediate level bloggers grow their blog and business, and provide marketing tips for solopreneurs, or aspiring solopreneurs. So that’s who I want to attract. In order to do that, I write posts specifically about topics those people want to know (like how to make money blogging!).

That means that when one of those magical unicorns comes along that I want to keep, they see my content is written for their benefit, read lots of it, (hopefully) like it, and decide to stick around and subscribe to my blog. Great!

Without a clearly defined niche, it’s super super hard to build any sort of engaged audience at all. Unless you’re like a Kardashian or something, aka the popular bitch.


How to Choose a Profitable Niche for Your Blog

There’s a ton of advice out there already on how to pick a niche for your blog, so I’m only going to share the method I personally used to find mine. Hopefully you find it useful too!

I took out a piece o’ paper and pen, drew 3 distinct sections, and labelled them with the following headings:

  1. What do people ask for my help with?
  2. What do I like to do?
  3. What is a viable business idea/could make money?

As you may have guessed by now, you’re looking for something similar in all 3 categories. So hopefully people ask you for help with something that you like, and that thing is also something you could turn into a business. That would be great, right?

Even if you only have the first two categories the same, that’s a good start. So if people always ask you for help fixing their computers, and you like fixing computers, but you’re not sure if that’s a viable business, then do some research. That example isn’t the best, because fixing computers is like, a pretty legit business, lol… but you get the idea.

A better example might be: if your whole family asks you to make cheese dip all the time, and you like making cheese dip, great. But can you make a profitable business out of JUST cheese dip? Probably not. If you like creating other recipes and dishes, well maybe you could be a caterer, or start a seasoning business, something like that. But you’ll probably need to think beyond the cheese dip. ???? (Now all I wanna think about IS cheese, le sigh.)

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You get what I’m sayin’.

This exercise is simple, but it’s a great way to uncover the things you can turn into a business that you might not have thought about doing before.

And hey, as a possibly even better sort of example, here’s my actual piece o’ paper from my brainstorming sesh.


My top secret niche plan. Ssshhhh.

How to Apply Your Niche to Your Blog

The next step is to ensure your blog aligns with that focus.

If you decide to start a biz fixing computers, the topics of your blog could be: Common Computer Troubleshooting Issues, Latest Security Updates (about viruses and all that shiz), How Tos for simple computer tasks your audience probably doesn’t know how to do (if they can’t fix their own computer), etc.

If you’re the cheese dip lady, well, you can write about goddamn cheese. I’d read it fo sho. ???????? But also write about: Appetizer Recipes, Entertaining, Holiday Dishes, Cocktail & Food Pairings, and other related topics that people who have time to create amazing appys for dinner get-togethers would like (aka #notme).

See? You don’t have to branch out really far and become a full-fledged chef, but make sure your focus isn’t too narrow, or too wide. Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, your niche should be just right.

When you combine your expertise, with something you love to do, it’s easy to become a thought leader in that niche.

In other words, people think of you instantly for that topic, and know you always have the best answers, resources or products to help them out. You are DA BOSS for that niche.

Don’t be afraid to keep narrowing it down as you go, and changing your focus as you learn more about business, and what you love doing the most. You don’t want to be drastically changing your biz, or stopping and starting new ones, all the time, but a little evolution and change is a good thing.

The old adage really is true… do what you love, and do it really well, and the money will follow. 😉

How did you define your blogging niche? What changes have you seen in your business since you narrowed down your focus? Let me know in the comments!

For me, it allowed me to be crystal clear about what I love to do, and how I can help others. It gave me a vision of my future I didn’t have before. Suddenly, my dreams don’t seem so far away. That’s a pretty great feeling.

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