I often get asked about the tools I use to run my blog and business.

So, I made this page that lists ALL the awesome tools I use every day! Some are free and some are paid, but the paid ones are all worth the investment in my opinion.

Please note links marked with a * are affiliate links, meaning should you click them and make a purchase, it doesn’t cost you any extra but I may receive some form of compensation for referring you. If you’ve been thinking about buying one of these tools anyway, I’d super appreciate you using my link, as it really helps support this blog! Thank you! 😁

Onto the list of my fave blogging tools…!

Email Marketing

ConvertKit *

The gold standard for pro bloggers! Mailchimp is great too (I’ve used it before), but ConvertKit is so much more powerful and designed specifically for bloggers. It’s amazing. The price point seems expensive at first until you get started using all its features. Highly recommended when you want to start growing your list and turning pro!

My favourite feature is the easy segmenting! You can tag users who click a link, or buy something from you, and know exactly how each subscriber is connected to you, without putting them on any duplicate lists or searching around. I love it. Did I mention that?!

AND! New in October 2017, is their Visual Automations feature. This makes it super easy to build profitable sales funnels, even with no tech knowledge. I wrote a post about creating a funnel with ConvertKit right here.


Social Media Scheduling


This is the BEST Pinterest scheduling app ever. And, unlike Tailwind (which is also popular, but I don’t use it), BoardBooster allows you to loop pins on your boards. Meaning, older pins get moved to the top without duplicating them, so your content is always in front of new people. Since using BoardBooster, my account’s been growing like CRAZY.


Some people swear by either BoardBooster or Tailwind, but I use both! Tailwind is better for forming groups and building relationships with other pinners, whereas BoardBooster is best for straight up automation. That’s my 2 cents.


I use SmarterQueue to schedule out daily prompts in my Facebook group as well as publish evergreen content to my social media accounts automatically. I just add each blog post as I write them, and SmarterQueue publishes them to my social media channels on a regular schedule, like every month or so.

It’s truly “set it and forget it” social media management. Highly recommended!


Buffer is fantastic for scheduling everything in one spot – Insta, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc – it covers it all. I also love the content inbox feature.

Social Warfare*

This handy plugin is on all my blog posts! I love how it floats on the bottom of the page on mobile, encouraging mobile users to share your content. It’s a bargain at only $29/year for the Pro version. There’s also a free version (I got that before becoming addicted and buying the pro one).


Sales Tools / Landing Pages

(*NEW! Now offering a free 14 day trial you can only get through this link!)

You’ve probably already heard of how amazeballs Leadpages is! It really is the best. I’ve tried a few other services too, but nothing comes close to the ease of use of Leadpages and how fast you’re up and running with awesome content upgrade boxes, sales pages, landing pages and more. Love it and can’t picture my blog without it now. It lets me get SO much done.


Business/Accounting Tools

OMG. Life saver. This is a super easy to use project/everything planner system. I used to keep a million notes scribbled everywhere but now I swear by my trifecta of Trello, Google Drive and Evernote. It’s like the 3 muskateers to my biz. GET IT. Oh, and it’s FREE!


Wave is 100% free! I love it. You can add your credit card, PayPal account and bank accounts to it and it automatically tracks all your income and expenses. I use it to keep track of all my blog and business income and expenses which makes tax time a BREEZE. Did I mention it’s free?! I like it better than other paid tools I’ve used, like Freshbooks and Quickbooks.


HelloSign lets you create digital, legally binding contracts. On the free plan, you get 3 contracts per month. I use it with all my freelance writing clients. It’s super easy. You just upload your contract PDF and email it to your client and they can sign right online (without having to make an account).


I would be LOST without Evernote. I write everything in it – my business goals, blog post drafts, random thoughts, checklists for things (you can even check things off… so satisfying!), photos, handwritten notes (works with Apple Pencil!). It’s amazingly simple and it just works. Highly recommended for disorganized people like me who love keeping digital copies of things instead of paper ones.


ClevverMail lets you have a virtual PO box in cities across the world for FREE! You only pay if you receive mail. This is an affordable way to include an address in your email marketing, as required by CAN-SPAM and CASL laws, without having to put your home address. Highly recommended!


I use BackBlaze to automatically back up my ENTIRE computer to the cloud, securely and with no effort on my part. It just runs in the background (without slowing down your machine) and saves all your programs, files and everything else. If your computer crashes, you can download a complete backup anytime 24/7 and restore it to a new machine. Amazing. And, it’s only $5 a month!! So worth it for the peace of mind.


Design Resources

Creative Market*

You can find blog graphics, WordPress themes, social media graphic templates, fonts and so much more here. A great resource with professional quality design items at a fair price.

Ivory Mix Stock Photos*

Kayla creates amazing photo bundles AND they’re super affordable! A great way to schedule out your Instagram for a month, and always have great photos for blog graphics. Love her work.


Another great spot to find WordPress themes.

Bluchic Themes*

I have a Bluchic theme and I love it. So easy to setup and customize, and looks great on mobile. Highly recommend them!


Web Hosting/Domains


BlueHost is who I used when I first started out because they have THE cheapest hosting plans around! When you get lots of traffic, I recommend switching to a faster host like Siteground, but in the beginning, BlueHost definitely does the trick. Can’t beat starting a website for $2.95/month!


The absolute, hands-down BEST web host ever. Their WordPress plans are a great value and offer speed, reliability and some advanced features, like caching and staging sites. Their support is top notch. I love them. ❤


As their name implies, the best place to buy cheap domain names! It’s a good idea to grab a few versions of your blog name, just in case you get super famous and someone else tries to copy you in the future. (Pipe dreams, right?) Anyway, they offer the best prices anywhere and are very well known.


Affiliate Marketing Programs

Share A Sale*

Share A Sale gives you lots of affiliate programs in one place. It’s great for lifestyle bloggers because you can join makeup, fashion etc affiliate programs all in one spot.


This is a cash back shopping site, so you can click a link from their site, shop at your favourite stores (all the big ones are there, including Sephora, Old Navy, Amazon and SO many more!), and earn a percentage cash back on your purchase. It’s awesome. I’ve earned over $600 just from shopping on sites I would anyway… what’s not to love?!



Like Share A Sale, Awin offers many affiliate programs all in one spot. The biggest advantage of Awin is their Etsy affiliate program, which allows you to promote your fave Etsy products and earn a commission. So basically, earn money for helping others build their online business. Sweet, right?!


This network is great for new bloggers! They offer commissions on things like clicks and leads too, not just someone having to buy something from your link. They’re very professional and the rates are great, too. Lots of great offers you can share from online surveys to dog toys and software – something for everyone.

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