Why is Content Strategy Important for Bloggers?

There are a million blogs out there. It’s hard to capture attention from your target audience when there’s probably thousands of other blogs in your niche, offering similar content in a similar format.

So what makes you different? Why should people take time out of their day to read YOU, instead of some other blog?

It comes down to having a good blog content strategy. If you know WHAT your audience wants, WHEN they want it, and HOW to deliver it — you’ll be successful. Sounds simple, but of course it’s not and it does take practice to make perfect.

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Good blog content strategy means thinking less about you, and more about who you want to read your blog. When you focus on what your readers want, they will be attracted to your content.

More importantly, the right kind of readers will be attracted to your content. I don’t mean that in a snobby way – hell, I’m thankful that anyone even reads my blog (Hi Mom!). By “the right readers”, I mean that the people you want to drive into your sales funnel will be attracted to your content.

Oh don’t have a sales funnel yet? Don’t have any products to sell yet? That’s okay! You still need a content strategy, though.

A good content strategy builds your audience for the future, for when you do have something to sell. It gets the right people interested in your work long before you ever want to pitch them anything. It’s like having crowds of people waiting outside to enter the grand opening of your retail store, even if you haven’t even signed the lease on the building yet.

So, if you are someone who’s trying to make money by selling products online – either digital ones like courses, or physical ones like funny mugs (or plan to in the future), your content strategy means aligning your blog and all its content toward the people you want buying those products.

What do they want to read? Write that and write it WELL, and you’ll sell more. Simple.

In summary, a good blog content strategy can help you achieve these things:

  1. Always having ideas/material to write about (own your niche, baby).
  2. Ensures you’re always on topic so your audience knows what to expect from you, content-wise.
  3. You attract your ideal customer/client (target audience), and they get what they’re looking for, too. Win-win.

All the above means you’ll see results for your business faster. Whether that’s signing on coaching, writing or design clients, or selling your physical or digital products like courses, ebooks and more.


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So, What is Blog Content Strategy?

Content strategy sounds like kind of an obscure weird marketing-people term, but it’s really pretty simple.

It just means that you’re making sure every piece of content you create for your business (blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, website copy etc) aligns with your goals, and with the desires of your audience.

So, your goals + delivering things your audience wants = good blog content strategy.

Super simple! A lot of people don’t implement it well, though. I was really guilty of this when I started my blog, and I do content strategy for a living at my day job! Yikes, that’s embarrassing to admit! But I was just blogging for the hell of it, about things I liked, and that interested me.

Well, guess what? It’s not about ME!

Just like your blog is not about YOU.

It’s all about your readers, aka who you want to attract. Remember what they want and deliver it, consistently.

If you don’t remember anything else about blog content strategy (I hope you will!), just remember to always ask yourself, “What does my target audience want?” before creating any content, and ask yourself again before pressing the publish button.

If you’re not sure, don’t post it! If the answer is an outright no, don’t publish it… and burn it!

If the answer is yes, then AWWW YISSSSS you’re rockin’ this blog life!


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