Struggling to monetize your blog, or turn it into a profitable business? Or, thinking of starting one but getting hung up about where/how to start?

You. Need. A. Blog Business Plan. STAT!

Simple Blog Business Plan

You’ve probably seen tons of posts out there from other bloggers about creating a Blog Business Plan. I’ve downloaded many of their templates myself and filled them out. Don’t get me wrong – those templates were awesome, and really helped me narrow down my goals, focus and how I could get there.

But after filling out so many questions, I felt a bit lost. How was I going to implement all of this RIGHT MEOW?!

It was pretty overwhelming, especially when I was new to blogging.


Why You Need a Blog Business Plan

Creating a biz plan is of utmost importance, even if you’re just starting out. Not having one is like setting sail on a journey across the ocean with no map. Crazy talk. A crazy ass pirate ain’t even gonna do that.

Here are a few of my favourite blog business plans from other bloggers (all 3 of them are amazeballs and I have secret entrepreneurial crushes on them, shhh):

Melyssa Griffin’s 20+ Page Bangin’ Blog Business Plan

Regina’s Epic 36 Page Blog Business Plan

Allison from Wonderlass’ 9 Step Business Plan for Creatives

But I’m not writing this post to just give you a bunch of links to check out, although you should most definitely check those out for super in-depth blog business plans.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by business planning, especially if you’re just starting out.

So while having a multi-faceted, detailed, ironclad biz plan is definitely a must at some point… we all gotta start somewhere.

For me, I filled out template after template of planning resources out there, but I never did the most important thing you need to in order to be successful.

What’s that you say?

Oh, it’s actually IMPLEMENTING something! Doh.

I was all plan, plan, plan and no action, action, action. Don’t be like me.


How to Create an Easy Blog Business Plan

It’s hard for me to find time to work on this blog, with my day job, family responsibilities, volunteer work and considerable Netflix addiction, I mean, how does a girl fit it all in?

I decided to start small. I narrowed down my plans to just a few things to accomplish and do in the very near future, just 3 months from now. Then 6 months from now.

Starting small made it seem not so overwhelming, and totally doable given my stretched resources.

If you’re struggling to see any difference in your business, or just don’t know where to start, I advise starting small.

My process was really simple. I thought, “Where do I want to be 3 months from now?”

The answer wasn’t on a beach in Hawaii sipping a cocktail while oodles of cash flooded into my inbox every other second. That’s just not realistic for 3 months of work (um, but also, if you’ve done this, let’s talk, okay? LOL).

Instead, I imagined a smaller goal for 3 months from now. My 3 month goal is to figure out where I’m the most useful.

It seems pretty simple, but really, something I’ve been struggling with. I like to write about lots of different marketing and blogging topics but, what is the most useful information for you, my readers? (MY PRECIOUSSS.) And what am I truly passionate about?

So I’m taking the time over the next 3 months to find that out. My steps to get there will be to write a new post at least every two weeks, about a variety of blogging topics, to find out what I really really really love talking about, and helping others with.

That’s my golden ticket.

So it may seem simple to some, but for me, it’s a manageable goal and task list to get there for the next 3 months.

If you’re someone who can map out big goals and tackle several at a time, then go for it! Go for a big biz plan with all the bells and whistles!

For me, I was too overwhelmed.

So I made it simple, and hey, it’s workin’ for me so far. I sit down with my blog every night after work and instantly have topic ideas in my head, ready to write, because I am able to look at my simple business plan and get to work. The more I write, the sooner I’ll discover my favourite and most useful topic.

AKA the more I use this simple template, the sooner I’ll achieve my goals!

And hey, since I’m sooo amazeballs, right, I made you this free template to simplify your biz planning too.


Simple Blog Business Plan Template

Ta-da. Here is the Super Simple Blog Biz Plan! It’s just three questions. A five minute blog business plan to get you on the right track so you can tackle bigger goals, bigger tasks and achieve bigger things in the future… 3 months at a time.

Without a solid foundation, a house just falls down right? That’s my theory behind the Super Simple Blog Biz Plan.

Download your copy now and start tackling those blog goals in, like… five minutes from now.