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Omg, I hope this isn’t going to be like that time I convinced myself those trendy nude leather heels went with my skintone, because they totally didn’t. I’ve gone and done started a Meetup digital strategy group. Here it is.

Why did I do this? (I am asking myself that now also.) I was inspired by a favourite group of mine, the Vancouver Digital Project Managers Meetup. I’ve attended many of their events over the past year and always took away something from them. I loved networking with, and learning from, other digital project managers. I loved the open, honest group discussions about digital project management issues, like how to create a solid communication plan.

Now that I’ve moved into doing strategy work at my agency (and away from project management), I found myself searching for a similar group to join as a strategist. I didn’t find anything quite right. There’s a few awesome IA and content strategy groups on Meetup, but none for pure digital marketing strategy… and certainly none in the Fraser Valley.

So I made one. Tonight. In my spare time. Am I nuts? Probably. But I am starting this group with an honest intention to grow it, meet other digital strategists, and start some casual, useful conversations about industry trends, and how to create the best strategies for your clients (or company, if you’re in-house).


If you’re a strategist, or hoping to become one, join the group — I’d love to connect with you.

This post is not sponsored in any way, but it is brought to you by wine, and a hankering for salt and vinegar chips.

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