What Is Nerdy Organized?

I’m going to tell you a story today.

The story of Nerdy Organized — how it came to be, what it means, and how it came to be the way I describe myself.

Grab some wine for this one! ????

Let’s begin at the worst place to start: the beginning. The term “nerdy organized” was a phrase I made up to describe myself in my epic failure of an interview for the agency I work at now. Well, I guess it wasn’t an epic failure because I did get the job (and am still there now), but it was one of the worst interview performances of my life. Anyway.

I was being grilled about my digital marketing chops and oh yes, I felt the heat from the flames of that grillage. It was pretty intense. I blurted out that I had attention to detail, knowledge of the industry and terms, blah blah blah, all that stupid crap everyone says about themselves. Then I said I was organized too. I was met with neutral expressions. “Like… really… nerdy organized,” I word barfed next. I meant that I was good at getting shit done. There was light laughter. I managed to breathe for a second.


The term kind of stuck, and I ended up changing my Twitter username to it as a joke. But here I am like two years later, still with it. I even named this weird blog thing after it (only because I have a dumb common name so the only name-based domain left would be MichelleMartin.isplutostillaplanet).

I accepted being “nerdy organized” as part of my identity, my ethos. I clung to this term and made it fit my personality to a T. To me, it means being thorough, industrious, knowledgeable, and above all… super fuckin’ nerdy.

The truth is I am very organized in a few very specific scenarios. One of those scenarios is with client work, and projects. I will memorize your name, company history, the entire scope of your project, your dog’s name, your dog’s history, and so on. I got that shit on lock. I keep it neatly filed away in my brain, ready to use at any time to get shit done — to get your shit done.

I can also organize digital files pretty decently. I mean, a monkey could. But so can I. So that’s something.


Recent events at work have shown me a few specific cases when I am not, in fact, organized. I have begun to question my skills — NAY, my personal brand even. I can still tell you what your dog last chewed, or what your SAT scores were, but am I still “nerdy organized”? I find myself asking that question now.

I feel a gradual shift happening. Taking me away from an almost Stalin-esque hold on organization and catapulting me closer to a netherworld of ambiguous filing practices and free-floating documents, uncategorized and unattached, swimming endlessly in impractically named folders in the cloud.

In other words, chaos.

Keeping track of simple file folders on my desk? Utterly baffling to me. My bosses even got black file folders, I think in the hopes that they would stand out more on my desk and grab my attention like, “File me! Sort me! Love me!”

To no avail.

Part of this is because I hate paper documents of any kind. If I could throw our printer out the window into a giant trash compactor, I would be so happy. I’m in the minority on this viewpoint. Perhaps I only have this viewpoint because of how shittily I manage paper when it actually is on my desk. Food for thought, colleagues… now you know.


This makes me sound really bad at my job. I’m not. I’m really good at it. But between balancing work, life, this blog and my biz, I’ve got a lot going on in my mind right now. Being a brain cell in my head right now is a little bit like being someone who is buying a lottery ticket. You might win, but you’ll most likely just die from excessive alcohol consumption.

[bctt tweet=”If you’re a brain cell in my head right now, you’ll prob just die from excessive alcohol consumption.”]

So yeah, my organizational levels have taken a rock bottom plummet, similar to Britney Spears circa 2007.

But I feel something more exciting coming along.

My creativity levels seem to be rising. Maybe creativity is not the right word. Maybe just… thinking power. My brain feels more adept to handle meaty problems, and churn out word-based magic to solve those problems. Pretty sure if you look up “content strategy” in the dictionary, that is the definition that is there/should be there.

So I’m becoming more easygoing? If you knew me in real life you would think the opposite. I’m pretty sure I have a visible twitch every time I have to give up a small piece of control over any situation. I think that’s just because I’m a sour grape from being burned in the past. Kind of like a crotchety old Florida alligator, walking along the river snapping at tourists.

Or maybe I am just embracing the Fuck It Life.

I feel a sense of calmness coming over me. A sense that file folders don’t actually rule the world. And if one got lost, well, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

In other words, the fucks I have to give remain firmly at zero.

Zero fucks is what I give.

From theoatmeal.com.
From theoatmeal.com.

I feel like it’s time to start creating stuff, instead of just organizing stuff. How I’m actually going to help create stuff other than cracking jokes at lunch time and writing a few weird word things every once in awhile, well, I don’t know. But I want to do STUFF.

To me, creating stuff is the “nerdy” part of being nerdy organized, and I can’t wait to embrace it more from now on.

My logical side keeps me firmly planted in reality, and on track. While my creative side keeps me creating awesome stuff in the nerd world, aka the online biz owner world. ????

Do you have a bit of ‘nerdy organized’ in you?

If you want to change the world with the awesome talents you have to offer… then yes. Yes, you are.

Welcome to the Nerdy Life.


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