Hustlin’ be hard, bitches.

How to Fight Creative Burnout - When What You Love to Do Gets Shitty


Whatever your hustle may be — design, coding, strategy, project management, writing, something unmarketing related — you started doing it because you loved it. You continued because you loved it. You can’t imagine yourself doing anything else with your life, but yet, you hit a point where you just want to quit. What’s going on?

It’s not a lack of passion for your work. It’s not because of boredom. It’s not because you want to do something else.

So whyyyyyy.

But Why GIF

When you feel that feeling of loving what you do and being convinced that you’ve never been more connected to and passionate about your work, coupled with a feeling of absolute dread about going in the next day or doing any of the tasks on your list, congrats — you’re in creative burnout.

Being in a creative burnout is a bit like being in purgatory. You don’t want to leave and descend into hell (i.e. the non-marketing focused world, i.e. civilians) but you also don’t want to stay there forever in a state of bitchy limbo.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is to break out your shit shovel and start digging your way out of the pile of bullshit you’ve put yourself in the centre of.

Once you get to the inside of that turd Tootsie Pop, you should be able to see more clearly.

Bullshit GIF

You’ll often discover that the reason you’re just not feelin’ your hustle anymore is because you’ve surrounded yourself with crappy tasks, administrative shit and other miscellaneous BS that you don’t love to do, and doesn’t help you grow in your actual role. You may have felt obligated to take on these cow patty tasks, but you’re fooling yourself. You have a choice how you spend your time, so choose to spend it on the work that makes you love what you do, and furthers your business.

The small shit can wait. Or better yet, be done by someone else. Even if it’s done wrong… at least you don’t have to deal with it.

And that’s half the battle.

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