These days, if you want to check your postal mail but don’t want to get off the couch, there’s probably an app for that. Seems like there’s some easy, quick fix for everything out there, all available for free to 99 cents in the App Store.

Well, these are a few of my favourite apps for getting shit done at work. And when I’m not at work, to record brilliant ideas and things to do when I remember them. Why is it that the best ideas always hit you right before you fall asleep? I used to be like, “Oh yeah I’ll totally remember that one zzzzzzzz” but now I know better, and use these apps to assist my brain… (Actually not really but I am attempting to salvage the lost fragments of my pre-sleeping genius more often.)



LOVE this app. I create notebooks for different clients and add ideas, notes, to-dos and interesting things to send to that client into that notebook.

Evernote is great for keeping stuff because it syncs everywhere, but is a lot quicker to use than Google Drive. You can just open the app, write a note and close it. Done. I also use Evernote as a kind of scrapbook — a place to keep interesting articles or bookmarks for work-related things, for future reading or reference. I use the free version and it seems adequate for me, but their paid plans have more features like offline access and searching within documents.


Google Drivegoogle-drive

So to be honest, I’m a bit of a control freak. Living the NerdyOrganized™ lifestyle means embracing your inner overbearing control freak with OCD tendencies, and turning that into some sort of positive thing instead of just being a dick. All this is to say that I get slightly anxious when I don’t have access to ALL my files ALL the time. I mean, what if I need that project quote from 3 months ago one night at 9pm? It’s dumb worries like this that keep me chained to Google Drive. It keeps everything in sync, everywhere, and allows me to work from Timbuktu if I wanted to. Which I don’t.


thesaurusApple Thesaurus

Sure there’s, which is a handy tool, but it’s even handier to use the built-in Thesaurus on your Mac. I actually didn’t even know it was there for about ten years, so you know, I’m a total expert on handy tools apparently. Whatever. Anyway, find it under Utilities and add that shit to your dock.


Awesome Screenshotscreenshot

See it in the Chrome WebStore.

This is a great extension for Chrome that I find especially handy when dealing with clients. Sometimes you just need to get the point across about something, or clarify a change request, and it’s not worth a whole phone call or virtual meeting to share screens and point out like one tiny thing. So. I use this extension to grab a screenshot, and then mark it up with my thoughts, and email it to my client. Having a visual is so helpful to confirm you’re on the same page, and it only takes a few seconds to prepare it with this extension. Love!



The ultimate to-do trapper keeper. Wunderlist makes it easy to organize simple tasks, and set reminders. I use it for work, to write quick things for myself to do that aren’t worth putting into my daily calendar, but that I still need to write down to remember. I also use it personally, to keep track of grocery shopping lists, stuff I want, etc. Just quick and easy, and I love the web interface as well, so that I don’t have to constantly look at my phone to check my to-dos.


What are your favourite productivity or time-saving apps?

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