Nerdy Organized is on a mission to help bloggers and online business owners grow their blogs and businesses with actionable tips written by a marketing agency strategist and copywriter.

I help you make sense of marketing, content planning and techy things like SEO for your blog, so you can focus on just being awesome.

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What Does Nerdy Organized Mean?

So why did I call my blog “Nerdy Organized”? It’s kind of a long story… Read this post to find out what nerdy organized means, and why I’ve named my business after it.


About Me

about-nerdy-organized-michelle-martin I’m Michelle, and I think and write for a living. I’m a Brand Strategist and copywriter at Studiothink, an independent creative agency just outside of Vancouver, Canada. I absolutely love what I do, and our amazing team and clients I get to work with every day. I believe in the power of ideas.

I have over 5 years of professional marketing and copywriting experience, and 29 total years if you count my ranting and raving in the womb. Words are definitely my thing. I sure as shit can’t draw, sing, dance, paint, do math, hit a baseball or a million other things, but I’ve got my wordiness and strategic marketing brain.

I love the digital and marketing field because I love to learn. I also love to teach. I believe that everyone can benefit from blogging, especially those who are trying to earn an income with an online business. This blog allows me to explore new and exciting developments in the digital space, while also using my marketing strategy skills to teach you how to grow your blog and business online and start making serious cash ASAP, yo. 😉

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