If you’re like me, you sometimes struggle to come up with new ideas to write about. Or, even if you happen to have a decent amount of new ideas, you struggle with getting them down on paper (err… screen) and just writing it all down into some sort of format that makes sense. Fear not, fellow blogger, I got ya covered today.

Free Blog Post Planner Template: Channel Your Ideas into Blog Posts Quickly!


I have like 17,000,000 drafts started in WordPress right now, with a title and maybe a one sentence idea of what I wanted to write about so that I’ll remember later when it comes time to actually write a post. I thought that was a good strategy for awhile. And for awhile, it worked.

But I soon realized that my system wasn’t enough to keep me constantly inspired and writing quality shiz for this blog thingy all the time. I felt very accomplished jotting down my headline ideas and rough article ideas, but when the time came to actually write, I was often lost and felt rather meh about it. I spent a lot of time procrastinating (sometimes that can be good because my house is pretty clean now).

There are lots of great blog post planner templates out there to download, so I got some. But I found that a lot of them were kinda what I was already doing – jotting down the gist of your idea, or the headline, and planning those out for the month. But I wasn’t able to find anything that captured all the pieces to think about for each post in a way that was quick and easy to write down, and that still motivated me to actually write the damn post sometime this century.

So I made this template today. Wheeee.

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The Essential Elements of Every Successful Blog Post

Okay, Michelle, so what are the oh-so-special elements to think about for every blog post before you write it? Well, that can be quite the matter of opinion. To me, these are the essential elements of every successful blog post:

  1. Your main subject/topic: what the post will be about (duh)
  2. The ONE main message you want to get across. This could be your opinion on a controversial topic, or just the main takeaway you want your reader to have about how to do something, etc.
  3. Your call to action: what you want your reader to do, i.e. contact you or download an opt-in freebie (yeah, like this post, I’m so sneaky)
  4. A good headline
  5. Sharing: after it’s posted, where should you share it? This depends a lot on your niche. You want to have a good mix of regular social media channels (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Insta etc) and also some niche-specific ones. For me writing about digital agency life or business, that means Medium, Growth Hackers, Inbound, LinkedIn and so on.
  6. Your post-post tasks. Ha, post-post. As in, things to do after you actually write and post your… post. After you write it, you’ll want to create a nice graphic for it to use as the featured image on your blog, along with any other graphics needed. You’ll also want to categorize it, tag it and schedule it in your CMS (like WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace). After it’s posted, you’ll want to follow through on sharing to those social networks and websites you identified previously.


So those are the things to think about BEFORE you even start writing your post. I’ve found that when I plan out these things first, writing the post takes hardly any time at all, and is really just about formalizing your ideas on paper (err, screen) rather than having to think about everything you want to say while you’re also trying to focus on making it sound awesome.


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