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Income Reports

October 2017 Blog Income Report: $1,755

Last month wasn’t as profitable as my all-time high of September, but I’m still really happy with this blog income report!

Read on to discover how I made $1,755.56 in October 2017.

October 2017 Blog Income Report

Why I Write Income Reports

I don’t write blog income reports to brag, or make it seem like blogging is an easy path to endless riches. 💰 (Spoiler alert: it’s fackin’ not, okay.)

To be honest, every month I post one, I feel a little squicky about it. Should I be putting my blog income report out there? Will people judge me, either too positively, or negatively? Will it affect my relationships with other bloggers or, gah, clients?!

But, I push through, at least for now.

When I first set out to turn my blog from a $0 hobby into a profitable venture, I remember seeing income reports from well-known bloggers. Those were the turning point for me. Before seeing those, I never thought my blog could make any money at all.

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I thought that was only for famous people with huge audiences, and people who blogged full-time.

Now, I realize that’s far from the truth! Anyone can make money blogging if you treat it like a real job, and that means putting in the time and effort to grow. These reports are a glimpse into how I do that for my own blog, and I hope you can find a new tip or tool in this report to help your blogging journey. 💁🏼

Blog Income Report

OK, I just gotta talk about this Tailwind shiz for a sec. Last month, I earned a 1 cent commission from Share A Sale. This month, I earned another cent. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Does anyone know what this 1 cent is for? Cause honestly, it’s not paying the bills. 😂


How I Made $3,422.83 Blogging This Month (September 2017 Income Report)

September flew by so fast!

I was so busy with my day job, my freelance clients, and just regular life stuff like grocery shopping (fo realz) that I can’t even believe it’s October already. Geez.

But, I am pretty proud of the fact that September was my highest earning month so far in my little biz! I made $3,422.83 through my blog and freelance writing services. WOO!

September 2017 Blog Income Report

This month I tried a few new things.

I earned some affiliate income (a grand total of $8.71 thankyouverymuch!), by promoting my genuine love of email marketing software ConvertKit.

I also earned ONE PENNY from Tailwind. I am not even sure how that’s possible. What did someone do for a penny?! I have no idea. But… thanks, random stranger.

This month I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. I focused almost exclusively on client work and not my own big ideas, which was disappointing. But that’s how life goes sometimes!

I did get a chance to outline and start creating my upcoming course that I am SO EXCITED about. It’s called Blog SEO Bootcamp and dives into all the nerdy stuff I’ve learned in over 6 years of working at content marketing agencies, and through this blog.

I AM PUMPED to share it with the world. When it’s ready in like, 2020. 🙄

K but seriously, I plan to work on it over the next few months and unveil it either late this year, or early 2018.

Anyway, let’s dive into September’s numbers and stats in detail!


  • Freelance writing clients: $3,414.12
  • ConvertKit: $8.70 🙌🏼
  • Tailwind: $0.01 (YES REALLY)

September 2017 Blog Income Report

Total Gross Income: $3,422.83

I recently had a comment asking about how I get my freelance clients and what sort of work I do. I plan to cover this in an upcoming post, but the short version is that I do freelance writing/blogging for marketing and software companies, focusing on list building and conversions. 🤓

aka. Nerd Stuff.


Total Expenses: $485.21

Net Income: $2,937.62

So, I made almost the same net income as last month as I had some more expenses this month.

I also decided to invest in some education and take Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s class, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

At first I thought the class was a bit too basic for me, but I actually learned a lot in the later modules. I’ll write a review about it another time, but what more can I say than it works? I did make $8.71 in affiliate income this month for the first time ever, right?! (Gotta start somewhere.)

One of my regular clients slowed down a bit, so that impacted my income a bit, too.


How I Made $3,130.99 in 1 Month With My Blog (August 2017 Income Report)

I made $3,130.99 with my blog in August 2017.

Pretty crazy, right?

I’ve only been taking this blog seriously for about six months.

I remember reading income reports from other bloggers a long time ago and thinking it was insane. How could they make a full-time living by running a blog?!

Make Money Blogging: August 2017 Income Report

I thought I had blogged before. I’ve had websites in one form or another since I was in the eighth grade. I just liked building them, but eventually I got bored of them and abandoned them. I estimate I’ve created over 20 blogs in the past 15 years…

So why hadn’t any of them made money?

For starters, I wasn’t trying to make money. I blogged because I loved writing and meeting other people. I’ve made some pretty cool friendships online with people I would have never met otherwise.

Fast forward to 2017, it seems like everyone and their cat has a blog. (And yes, some cats do blog.)

It’s never been easier or harder to make an income online.

I say that because it’s easy in the way that starting a blog is easier now. You can setup hosting, get a beautiful theme, and start writing in like half an hour. (I even wrote a step by step tutorial to start your own blog right here!)

It’s also harder because there are SO many more people blogging now.

If you’re trying to stand out online, you have to compete with BILLIONS of other people. Legit, billions. There are over 1.2 billion websites online right meow.

make money blogging

At first, I wasn’t trying to stand out very much.

I started this blog in February 2016 as a fun side project to complement my day job as a Digital Marketing Strategist at an ad agency. I love marketing so I wanted to write about it and learn new content marketing tips with this blog that I could use for my clients.

By the end of 2016, I started to take the blog more seriously, though my posts were sporadic and not really cohesive.

In January 2017, I decided I wanted to turn this blog into a profitable business. I did a bunch of research and long story short, realized that research is nothing without action. #preach