Today’s post took me a hella long time to write! I hope you find it interesting and useful for your business and/or blog. At the end, there’s even a free worksheet for you to download to discover exactly what you want your brand voice to be, and how to make that happen!

Find + Implement Your Blogging Brand Voice!


I’m psyched about this piece because it took me a long time to put together. So any thoughts or feedback you have on this post and worksheet would be so useful! Hit me up via email, or on social to let me know what you think.

Anyway, onto the good stuff!


What is a Brand Voice?

Your brand voice, put simply, is the style in which you communicate with your customers, followers and target audiences.

It’s the tone you use, the language you use, and a large part of your overall brand recognition and how people remember you.


Why is Brand Voice Important?

Your brand voice sets the tone for all interactions with your customers, followers and target audiences.

It lets them know what kind of company/person you are and most importantly, it allows them to feel connected to you and recognize you in a sea of other brands out there.

It makes you unique and inspires loyalty and trust.


How Do I Get One of Dem There Brand Voices?

It’s really not hard at all. For some people, it just comes out naturally.

If you’re a blogger writing about your true passions, your brand voice is going to develop very naturally because that authenticity and passion is going to shine through no matter what.

If you are writing for another business, or are wanting to keep your business attracting a specific, or niche, clientele, then you may want to think more about your brand voice and how you’re coming across.

Regardless of who you are or what you’re writing for, the free worksheet I’ve prepared for you will walk you through finding your brand voice and putting that voice into action immediately. Check it!

A great example is well, me. Not to toot my own horn. But on this blog, I have to keep a few things in mind in order to keep my voice on track.

  1. This is a fairly personal blog, so I can be a little ranty and use swear words, because that’s what I’m like in real life. It’s easy to stay aligned to my brand voice because that voice is me, and it’s the same way I would talk to my friends or colleagues.
  2. However, because this blog also talks about what I do for a living and my professional world, I do have to remember to not go overboard, or to overshare, on certain details or bitchy remarks. I walk this line by thinking if it’s not something I would say directly to a colleague or client, then I’m not going to write it here. That’s my easy way of keeping my brand voice authentic but also professional.
  3. Lastly, I have to remember that there’s 1,000,000 other people out there writing about the same topics. I truly believe I have a lot to offer along with those other people, which is why I continue to write articles like this. But it’s a good reminder to stay true to my real roots, because there’s lots of other great articles out there on blogs and biz, but there ain’t nobody else out there like me.


Examples of Great Brand Voices

These examples are so subjective, because obviously they are examples that I personally think are great. There’s no one magic way to have a brand voice, or no wrong way (other than trying to be something you’re not).

I really respond to brand voices that are a little bit weird, and fun, and show a company with a real personality. So that’s my bias.

The following are some examples of brand voices that are well-communicated, unique and most importantly consistent.


Okay, I love Sephora for a lot of reasons… including that I am a makeup snob. But I also appreciate their highly polished and professional voice, which is mixed with a little bit of fun and positivity too. It’s inspiring, while still being very “5th Avenue”.

Check out their beauty tutorial how-tos here or The Glossy blog for examples of on-brand communications.


Totally biased opinion here, because this is where I work, but still. This website’s got balls, and I appreciate that. Every page of the site is fun, yet informative, and is professional yet casual. A tough mix to pull off but then again, everyone I work with is actually an astronaut/rock star so it’s all in a day’s work for them.

Check out the blog for some juicy articles about branding.


Cassey is an extremely motivating, positive person and her website and blog convey that exact tone. Her blog is authentic to her true voice and purpose and has remained that way since the beginning. I’ve been reading her site (and attempting to work out but let’s face it, mostly just reading it) for awhile and am thrilled with all the success she has experienced in the past few years.

She’s definitely hit the big time! But, her brand voice has remained the same which truly inspires trust that she is the real deal. So read her site for a great example of brand voice consistency, but also check out her workout vids – they are no joke!



Now it’s time to find and implement YOUR brand voice! Download the FREE worksheet below and get started on refining your blog or biz brand today.

I’d love to hear what you thought of the worksheet, and how it helped you! Hit me up in the comments, or on Twitter! 🙂

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