Today I got up on stage in front of a bunch of people, like a few hundred, and spoke for a bit. It was super nerve-wracking and at first, terrible. I was up there and talking and then thought, “Oh this isn’t so bad,” and looked around. Big mistake. It instantly got a million times worse and I decided not to do that again.


There was a stage thing, and a real podium and microphone and all sorts of shiz like that. And hundreds of pairs of tiny beady little eyes burning holes into my soul. At least I think that’s what they were doing.

I was only speaking for a minute or so, to do a quick promo and introduce the next speaker, but it was the first time I ever got in front of that many people and said anything, so that was pretty cool. I’m proud of myself for doing that and hope that one day I get enough nerve to actually speak at some thing, sometime, for some reason. I have no idea what that would ever be, but who knows where life takes you sometimes.

But for today… yay. Small victories.

PowerPoint LOL

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